dos focuses on conversations in, about, and with exhibitions.

dos commissions and edits conversations between two visitors to an exhibition to emphasize subjective experience and meaning-making at large. dos conversations can be streamed, followed as an RSS feed, or accessed as a podcast.

dos conjures its listeners as eavesdroppers and vicarious visitors who experience exhibitions on their own time, partaking in a continuum of physical experience and shared interpersonal thinking.

dos is catalyzed by Sarah Demeuse, designed by Goda Budvytyte, and programmed by Asger Behncke Jacobsen. Audio originally developed with Seth Cluett. dos voices are: Juana Berrío, Dan Byers, Staci Bu Shea, Janice Guy, Shannon Harvey, Sarah Hromack, Annie Godfrey Larmon, Ana Salazar, Mónica de la Torre, Ariana Reines, Emily Smith, and Wendy Tronrud.

dos sends tentacular thanks to its counseling confidantes: Juana Berrío, Joseph del Pesco, Gintaras Didziapetris, Ruth Estévez, Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, Sarah Hromack, Prem Krishnamurthy, James Langdon, Brenda Lozano, Manuela Moscoso, Augusto Moreno, Elena Narbutaite, Francesco Pedraglio, Julie Peeters, Scott Ponik, Jochen Volz.